Night Guards

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Night guards are used to treat people that grind their teeth, especially when asleep. They eliminate the wear of the natural dentition and alleviate the stress on the jaw joints that grinding can cause.

If you often find yourself waking up with a dull headache, tooth pain, or a sore jaw, you may be suffering from bruxism (or teeth grinding).

The most common method used to alleviate the effects of bruxism is a night guard. A night guard is a dental appliance that is typically worn while sleeping. You can purchase a boil and bite mouth guard at the pharmacy, or you can get a custom fitted one from your dentist.

Night Guards, North York Dentist

Boil & Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and bite mouth guards are the most inexpensive option. To use a boil and bit mouth guard, simply boil the appliance, let it cool for a few seconds, and then put it into your mouth and gently bite down on it to shape it to fit your teeth.

Custom Mouth Guards

The custom mouth guards available through dentists will be typically be of a higher quality and better fit, as they're made specifically for you, based on impressions of your teeth.

While custom mouth guards are usually more expensive, they are ultimately much more comfortable to wear than boil and bite guards, and therefore well worth the cost!

If you suffer from headaches or teeth and jaw pain in the morning, you may benefit from a custom night guard. Book a consultation today! 

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